ECO Ventis home moisture absorber is an aesthetic container with a refill that efficiently eliminates excess of humidity in the interiors with a high level od air moisture such as bedrooms, kitchens or basements. This easy-to-use and efficient absorbern also solves the problem of misty windows.

for home
Evo Ventis reduces the excess of humidity in interiors that are not heated, not properly isolated with too much vapour. It reduces indoor moisture not overdrying the air. By eliminating the damp in your house youprotect it from mould, fungi and unpleasant smell. Additionally, our Eco Ventis refill will fill your home with a pleasant aroma of lavender.
Eco Ventis equipped with an
1. Open the refill packaging
2. Place it in the container
3. Close the container
4. Control the level of water
5. The maximum level of water in the container is 600ml
6. Pour the water to the sink
7. Insert a new refill
absorber for home
lavender scented
refill included